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AED Training including BLS

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

This course is designed for those with specific interest or responsibility at work, or within the community. 

It will enable the learner to develop skills and knowledge to deal with an emergency situation where a person is not breathing and requires CPR and an AED. 

The course follows best practice guidance as set by the resuscitation council UK 

This qualification has 1 unit. 

* understand the actions to be taken in an emergency situation where a person is not responding and requires immediate action, including: 

- Safety 

- Managing an unresponsive person who is breathing normally 

- Managing an unresponsive person who is not breathing normally  

- Carry out Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) 

- Know how to safely use the AED 

- Be able to safely use the AED 

Assessment is carried out through continuous practical observation, simulation and theory (short multiple choice) assessment.

The qualification does not have an expiry time, however we recommend that and annual refresher is taken to maintain knowledge, skills and confidence.

Learners must have a reasonable understanding of English to achieve the requirements of this unit. 

The course duration is 4 hours.  

The cost starts from £25pp or £250 for a group (up to 12 persons). 

**We currently have a special AED supply and educate package available! Please contact us for more details**

If you have any questions, please ask as we may be able to negotiate prices based on the courses / packages you require.

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